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"Investment expertise is the hallmark of Peritum"

Investments & Pensions

Fear and worry are understandable, particularly as the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak led to the biggest daily drop in the FTSE 100 since the financial crisis.


Trying to second-guess the impact of events such as the coronavirus or the recent stock market volatility – or even attempting to make a bet on them – rarely pays of. Instead, investors who focus on long-term horizons – at least five to ten years – have historically fared much better. 


Sensible diversification – owning a mix of assets, including shares, bonds and alternative investments such as property – can help protect investors over the long term. When one area of a portfolio underperforms, another part should provide important protection.


When it comes to multi asset portfolio performance and tax efficiency our results speak for themselves.


Our Investment Managers and resident Economists have created exceptional growth and income portfolios that take in to consideration short, medium and long-term strategies. 

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