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Core Team

Peritum Wealth - Wealth Management

We are a privately owned and unrestricted wealth management firm, with a team of highly experienced Investment & Tax Advisers. For us reputation and discretion are paramount to our success, which is why private banks, accountants, solicitors and other professionals recommend us to their clients.

Your wealth is important to us, we can help you manage, grow and secure your wealth with our long-term client approach. 

Get in touch with us and see how our services can help you shape the future.

In addition to our core team, our clients also benefit from the wide ranging support of the other advisers and specialist support staff at Aegis Financial Planning Limited.

Independent Wealth Manager
Christian Mather

Christian has worked in Financial Services since 2011 and covers the London and South Essex Regions.

Christian is passionate about client outcomes and focuses on Wealth Management, Investment and Retirement Planning and Protection Advice.

James Tiller.png
Independent Financial Adviser
James Tiller

James is a fully professional qualified Financial Planner who takes the time to get to know his clients by establishing their aims, objectives and priorities allowing him to develop long-term relationships.

James has an in depth understanding of financial markets and investment performance trends and uses this knowledge to actively ensure his clients are always well positioned to achieve strong and profitable investment returns.


His ambition is to achieve chartered status within his profession.


Independent Financial Adviser
Craig Beattie

Craig has a diverse knowledge of pensions, investments and insurances. 


He has worked with clients from South Africa to the United Kingdom and actively draws from this diversity to find his clients their best suited financial product or service


Executive Assistant
Emma Emery

Emma has been working within the finance industry for over 8 years, supporting high profile financial advisers and providing them with full administrative support. 


Emma is well-organised and efficient in every aspect, whether it is an appointment that needs making or an application that needs submitting and chasing up – she takes no prisoners!

PA to Wealth Manager
Suzi Neal

Peritum Wills - Estate Planning

At Peritum Wills, our mission is to help you to secure your wealth and protect your loved ones for generations to come. 

We understand that making a will is more than just legal documentation; it is a reflection of your unique circumstances, aspirations, and values. That is why we take the time to listen to your specific goals and concerns, and design an estate plan that suits your needs and preferences. 

We also ensure that your estate plan is regularly reviewed and updated to account for any changes in your personal circumstances, or the law.


By choosing Peritum Wills, you can rest assured that your assets are in safe hands, and your beneficiaries are taken care of in accordance with your wishes.

Colin B-T_edited.jpg
Head of Estate Planning
Colin Barrett
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